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26 Jul


It’s not every attempt a musician makes to cross over into the fashion world that is a successful one, but as far as Fireboy is concerned, it’s been a triumph. The talented musician, in collaboration with BoohooMAN, launched this ten-look capsule collection – all based on his personal style, which he reveals is largely laid-back and stylish-without-trying-too-hard.

“My style is all about being sexy and being the star in the room without having to do too much,” Fireboy says, speaking on the collection. “This collection represents how I love to look and how I think every young superstar should look. ‘Superstar’ doesn’t mean you have to be an artist or musician. We have superstars in every walk of life.” The collection consists of an on-trend selection of summery shorts and patterned shirts, perfect for easy, breezy summer nights by the beach, bottomless cocktails and the hottest pop tunes in tow.

But beyond creating a stylish collection, it was important to this musician that his heritage was infused. “Matching is a very essential part of the African culture, when it comes to fashion. We are all about patterns and colours and when they come together and match it makes more sense,” he says.

“It brings out the vibrancy of the whole thing. That’s what makes it beautiful. I’m an African young man, I represent the African culture, so it’s that’s just my way of saying, ‘I might be a pop star, I might be this, I might be that, but I’m African.’ This is what we represent: culture, beautiful colours, matching fits.”

Keen on ensuring this collection symbolises his essence, you’ll find that one style stands out most: Shorts. “I’m a shorts person, everybody knows I love shorts. I wear shorts to the weirdest places. I go to event’s and I know that everybody is going to be in trousers but I show up in shorts. That little detail is very essential to this collection because it represents me.”

The entire BoohooMAN X Fireboy collection is available to shop now!

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Titi Adesanya
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