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SCHICK Magazine is fashion, beauty and lifestyle publication designed and curated for Africans worldwide – a publication that smart, stylish and successful African women and men can make strong connections to – a platform that truly represents and celebrates authentic African style, which is intentionally and unapologetically cultured.

We always want to reflect the sophisticated, fashionable and ambitious spirit of youthful African women and men in a way that’s exciting! This has led us to our new and exciting digital platform – The SCHICK Podcast. The new home of unscripted conversations for stylish African women (and men) on the go who want to know what’s now and what’s

In this podcast, hosted by Contributing Editor Kunmi Omisore, we’ll have unscripted conversations with the SCHICK team, industry experts and celebrities. All you need to do to get started is to subscribe today. Tweet us your thoughts – we’d love to hear your feedback. Thank you for listening!

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