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There is no doubt that the challenges of managing work, family life, relationships and responsibilities takes its toll on any individual.??Are you lacking energy, recently prone to illness, or feeling largely unhappy? It could be time for a life-balancing detox.

Detox your body

Nutrition experts say adding the right food to your diet is just as important as taking out the wrong things.

???Eat foods high in sulphur,??? advises Westin Childs, MD. ???Sulphur is required to create glutathione. [This antioxidant] is required to eliminate virtually every oxidant you come into contact with and helps in the detoxification process.??? Kale, cabbage, and other cruciferous vegetables are rich in sulphur, naturally.

It’s also the right time to boost your fibre intake, adding more fruit and vegetables to your diet. Opt for whole grains over refined grains, which lose approximately 75% of their fibre in the refining process.

Naturopath, Jonathan Beatty also suggests trying detox supplements – with caution. ???There are a variety of supplements that can be taken to aid in detoxification and digestion,??? the alternative medical practitioner says. However, it’s important to??consult a health care practitioner about which supplements are right for you.

Detox your mind

Clean eating is important, but it’s only one part of battle.?????Lack of sleep and the inability to cope with stress lead to an increase in the hormone cortisol,??? warns dietician, Westin Childs.

???Cortisol is your stress hormone and chronically elevated levels of cortisol contribute to other conditions, such as increased fatigue, sugar cravings, and an imbalance in blood sugar levels.???

De-stressing can often be seen as a tedious process, but these simple, yet effective tips will help:

  • Analyse your stress triggers: Get to the root of what’s causing you to feel stressed, rather than the far less effective method of treating the symptom.
  • Practice daily mediation:?????It helps bring cortisol levels down, improves your energy, [and] helps you cope with social stress,??? says Childs.
  • (The dreaded) Work out:?????Exercise helps us drain our lymphatic system, which is essentially the body???s sewer system,??? explains Beatty.
  • Monitor your breathing: When you feel feelings of stress or anxiety coming on, slow your breath first. Next, breathe in deep, hold for a second, and then slowly exhale.

Detox your circle

From time to time, it’s essential to take time out and take stock of your relationships with friends, relatives and partners alike.

How ??does this relationship make me feel about myself? Is this person adding or taking away value???Is this relationship one-sided or give-and-take?

???To truly detox your relationships, you have to first understand what aspects of a relationship are most important to you,??? says Paige Carambio, a clinical psychologist. ???By recognising what you value most about a relationship???romantic or platonic???then you can begin to discern what isn???t working for you and why.???