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18 Jan


While the entire world is still catching up on the chemistry of the lead actors and greatness that is Netflix???s latest original series, Bridgerton, we???re here to help you keep your eyes open and not let this sight pass you by, although we doubt you would ever miss it. If you have seen the show, which can be likened to a regency era Gossip Girl, you would have spotted Martins Imhangbe, who plays the role of Will Mondrich, an ambitious boxer and close friend of the Duke of Hastings.

With the Shonda Rhimes production being his first television project, Martins on-screen performance tells us this is definitely not his last and quite frankly, we all are not ready for him to leave the big screens yet. Although the British-Nigerian actor had a background in boxing, he has confirmed in various interviews that he had to unlearn all he knew about boxing and relearn a whole other dimension of the sport.

Photograph Courtesy: Liam Daniel

???Training to play a boxer is tough for most actors, but training to play a boxer in the late 18th and early 19th century has a whole new set of challenges. Boxing was bare-knuckled. There was less fancy footwork. The rules were out the window??? – via GQ.

Imhangbe also has a background in theatre and with such an outstanding performance in Bridgerton, we can???t wait to see him in more projects to come. For his good looks, demeanour and dedication to his craft, Martins Imhangbe is our SCHICK Man!

Tinuade Odutayo

Tinuade is a Digital Editor at SCHICK Magazine, she has interests in Brand and Corporate Communications. Tinuade with a degree in Communications Culture and Media from Coventry University enjoys creating content, reading, writing and researching; she hopes to eventually create experiential content for Lifestyle and Tourism.

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