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8 May


The show follows Molly (Yvonne Orji) and Issa’s (Issa Rae) friendship as they cope with their own flaws and navigate their way through relationship troubles, and the general difficulties of young adulthood.

According to the Rotten Tomatoes critics consensus on the first season of the show, “Insecure uses star Issa Rae’s breakout web series, Awkward Black Girl as the basis for an insightful, raunchy, and hilarious journey through the life of a twenty-something black woman that cuts through stereotypes with sharp wit and an effusive spirit.”

Despite the fact that the show is set in present-day Los Angeles, the issues explored are all-too-familiar to females anywhere in the world. As we approach the halfway mark of the fourth season of Insecure, we take a look at what makes the show so relatable and why it should make your binge list.

The complexities of female friendship

At the heart of the show is the friendship between best friends, Issa and Molly. When we’re first introduced to the pair, Issa is an awkward 29-year old who is unsatisfied with her job and wants out of her 5-year relationship with her jobless boyfriend, while Molly is a successful career woman who is frustrated about her single status. Through the course of the seasons, we see the ladies support each other through a major breakup, financial struggle, complicated situationships and a host of poor choices.

Despite the fact that they don’t always agree on things and even have the occasional fallout, we can always count on them to iron things out and keep it going. However, as Issa begins to grow out of her awkward phase, taking on an ambitious project, and Molly finally settles in a relationship, the ladies grow increasingly weary of all the past baggage and they drift apart. This begs the question – can friendships survive change?

Work blues

Whether it is dealing with insufferable colleagues, fighting for recognition, adjusting to a new work environment or quitting paid employment (and going broke) to pursue something more fulfilling, Insecure takes an honest look at the issues that plague the average working-class woman in the workplace.

The case of the ex

Chances are we all have that person we’ve beat ourselves over or are hung up on. While Issa is with Lawrence, she nurses a fascinated desire for Daniel, wondering what could have been, especially as Lawrence brings little to the table. After her breakup with Lawrence, his financial situation drastically improves and at some point he is dating a friend of Issa’s, leading her to confide in her brother. The grass is not always greener on the other side after all.

The pitfalls of dating

Dating in today’s world can come with its fair share of frustration and complications and we see this on the show. As the ladies go through the process, we wince in recognition of their poor choices, learn from their mistakes and cheer them on as we celebrate the small victories.

Family relationships

Family relations can sometimes get complicated and this is also addressed on the show. When Molly finds out that her father has cheated on their mother in the past, it inadvertently affects her relationship with him, and she even avoids talking with her mother for a while. We also see Issa lean on her brother for support when her friendship with Molly begins to go rogue.

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