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24 Jan


Just less than 24 hours ago, Instagram user, Amaka Anaeto shared a personal story of physical assault on her page.

I went to Diamond bank (Nnewi) today and went to their customer service to lay a complaint but the crowd at the spot was much so I stood in one of the queues there, there was this guy (via pix) behind me I noticed he was somehow resting on me so I moved a little and he moved with me, I noticed something suspicious so I looked back I saw him crossed both of his hands covered with a paper down his waist…. I kept mute and was busy with my phone I noticed something behind me again I turned and saw him with his hands at the same position so all of a sudden I felt something hot dripped on my leg to my outmost surprise it was a sperm I turned gat hold of him and gave him some hot slaps I know he has never received in his life before…. if not for the securities that intervene like seriously he won’t live to remember a day like this ??? #what_an_assault????,” she captioned the offensive photo posted.

Rather than the sympathy and support you would expect in this situation, followers and commentators went on to victim-shame and blame, repeatedly.

“I don’t blame the guy babe, but the real question is what were you putting on? You will go half naked to the bank and probably you were using your ass to rub the guy d*ck as you were on the line. How will the poor boy not lose control?” one Instagram commenter said. They continued saying, “if you had dressed decent, no guy will do that to you. Next time, might be rape.”

“The story seems fake to me tho… cause the guy finna have a trouser on… so the question is ‘how did the stuff touch you??’ His sperm has superpower?” another wrote.

“The guys hot magma has made you popular. We rather say everything happens for a reason” – yet another comment which placed the blame on a woman for going to the bank.

The majority of responses, which only perpetrate rape culture, reflects a wider, much more deeply-seated societal issue: The idea that a woman is solely responsible for any assault she experiences, from domestic violence to rape.

Fortunately, not all responses to the victim’s Instagram post were as ignorant and offensive.

“Why are some ignorant people here questioning how she was dressed? How ever she was dressed, it doesn’t give anyone the right to do that to her. Even if she’s naked, she’s not asking to be molested. No one is. Stop trying to pin the blame on her. You guys should control your damn libido,” another Instagram user said, pretty much taking all the words out of our mouths.

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