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25 Jun


Ade Adejumo is a Nigerian children’s author and beauty and wellness entrepreneur based in Denmark. Ade is the founder of the beauty company, Ade Organics and Adejumo Children’s Books. To add to her growing accolades, she possesses an LLM in International Law and International Relations. The busy entrepreneur simply describes herself as multifaceted and loves it.

Adejumo started making her own vegan product range in 2012 and hasn???t looked back since. She created her niche by excluding the chemical substances you typically find in regular nail vanishes and yearning to provide an authentic, healthy and organic lifestyle to consumers. Wanting to take her creativity a step further, she went on to release her first book, Pancake Saturdays, a children’s book inspired by her own youth.

SCHICK Contributor, Lawrencia Nelson speaks to the creative entrepreneur about pursuing a career in two very different industries, the growing organic beauty industry and the main mission behind her brands.

Ade, can you tell us a little bit about both your brands’ beginnings? What’s the story???

Developing both brands (Ade Organics and Adejumo Children’s Books) was embracing both my passions and doing both things I love, and I am glad that I am finally pursuing a career in both industries.

Ade Organics started in 2012 with natural soy candles and has since grown from there to include vegan nail polishes. Ade Organics vegan nail polishes are free of the chemicals substances that you find in regular gel nail polishes, such as formaldehyde, phthalate, parabens, perfume, ethanol and more.

On the other hand, Adejumo Children’s Books is a publishing company, where I am also a writer. I have always loved writing and have done it since I was a child. Writing is a happy place for me.

When did you first realise you wanted to pursue a career in two different industries and why?

Both industries are an extension of me; I love writing and I love beauty and wellness. They are both facets of my life and allow me to express myself and my creativity differently.

We are never, at any point in our lives, just one thing. We can be parents, sisters, friends, uncles, professionals all at once and that’s how both industries are to me; they are a part of what makes me who I am and how I express myself and my creativity.

Let’s talk about beauty. Where does Ade Organics fit within the growing organic beauty industry???

Ade Organics is still growing; at the moment, our product ranges are vegan nail polishes and organic soy candles handmade by me. In the future, I hope to increase the product range and includes spa and other wellness services.

How do you source the ingredients you use?

I only source certified organic ingredients because I believe in giving my consumers the very best. That’s how it’s been from the start.

Can you tell us about your background and the part it played in the creation of your businesses???

I was born in Nigeria, where I grew up and spent my formative years. I’ve lived, studied and worked in different countries and currently live in Denmark. My culture, travels and general life experiences brought me to the point where I now embrace my creative side and I am grateful that I get to express my creativity through my brands.

What were the main objectives when creating both Ade Organics and Adejumo Children’s Books???

Creating my brands, for me, was all about doing the things I love. I hope to influence, encourage and inspire children through stories and also create balance, mental, physical and social wellbeing through beauty and wellness.

What was the inspiration behind your first book and are there any writers that have inspired you along the way?

My own personal experience inspired me to write this book. It’s a true story about me and my mother – this was the first time I realised as a child that anything was possible if you try and keep trying, even if you fail. I wanted to encourage kids and inspire them to dream and aspire.

Some of the general influences from other writers were primarily from when I was growing up: Ola Rotimi, Wole Soyinka, Wale Okediran and Enid Blyton, to name a few.

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Lawrencia Nelson
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