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11 Feb


In 2012, Moet Abebe was a fresh graduate from the Nigerian Law School, eager to begin building a career. But what called out to her was far from the much-coveted wig and gown; Moet wanted to become a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry – a feat she can confidently say she’s been able to achieve within the last eight years.

Now, Moet is ready to take on bigger challenges, including producing her own TV shows, starting a podcast and launching a skincare business – all with one goal in mind: encouraging people to become the very best versions of themselves.

Growing up, what career path did you plan for?

Growing up, I had a number of career paths I planned for. From wanting to be a professional dancer, to a barrister, a psychologist or therapist, an actress and now, a tv presenter.

Very interesting choices! Having worked in entertainment for a significant number of years, how do you keep the momentum going and stay consistent?

I???ve always had that hustle mentality where no matter how tough it gets, I must keep pushing and keep improving on myself and my craft. The momentum and consistency automatically comes because I believe it will only get better if and when I put the work in.

What do you feel you offer to the entertainment industry that makes you stand out?

I believe my tenacity and relatability is what makes me stand out. I often say I am living my life free of no pretense doing what I love!

Doing what you love seems to be paying off. Just a few months ago, you won the OAP of the Year Award. What???s been your greatest accomplishment so far?

My greatest accomplishment so far has been becoming one of the most sought after voices on the radio.

My idea of success is living a happy life, with the freedom to do what I love

While on the subject, how do you define success?

I define success not by material things or fame. My idea of success is me living a happy life, with the freedom to do what I love and fulfilling my dreams which makes me the happiest.

That’s amazing. Publicity is a big part of the job, and social media has only made it more so. How do you deal with public attention?

Public attention comes with my profession and as long as I can understand that, it makes it easier.

How would you describe the Moet Abebe brand?

The ???Moet Abebe??? brand speaks volumes when it comes to authenticity and female empowerment. My vision is to ensure that my brand is always reflective of this, especially to young women trying to get their feet into the industry.

The ???Moet Abebe??? brand speaks volumes when it comes to authenticity and female empowerment

Why did you decide to go into the skincare business?

I have always been very particular about my skin, especially my facial skin, because that is one of the first things anybody notices when they see you in person. So, giving a good and lasting first impression was always paramount for me. Skin products, great skin care and procedures have always been a major interest of mine. I???m often complimented on my skin so I decided why not create a business out of this interest… and here we are!

Amazing. Let’s talk a bit about your entrepreneurship journey so far… what???s been the biggest lesson?

I would say the biggest lesson is: not to dwell too much on the idea and procrastinate. What I do instead now is to try all means to execute the idea.

Is mentorship something you believe is important and do you see yourself as a mentor?

I believe mentorship is extremely important because it???s one thing to be talented and another to channel that talent the right way. Most times, that comes with direction and a mentor who has experienced all the sides to the industry. I unfortunately didn???t have that; I came into the industry and had to learn on my own. However, I do see myself as a mentor because there are definitely a number of young upcoming and aspiring presenters I have helped along the way and eventually, my plan is to start an annual mentorship program for aspiring TV and radio presenters.

You???re definitely known for your style. How would you say its evolved over the years?

I think my style has evolved from not necessarily being sure of what suits my body and body type, to now embracing my body with its curves, edges and flaws. This has made me willing to take more risks, which inevitably will make my style evolve – and it keeps evolving!

Is there a difference between your personal and professional style? If so, in what way?

I wouldn’t really say there’s much of a difference between the two. I own my style wherever I am.

You???re in the process of producing a podcast. What will it be about? Why did you decide to create one?

Yes I am! Well, I don???t want to give it away too much as it will ruin the element of surprise, but I assure you it will be about extremely relatable topics and experiences. I decided to create one because I felt the time was right. It???s time for my voice to be heard and something empowering to be linked to my name.

It???s time for my voice to be heard and something empowering to be linked to my name

Going back to our conversation on working in TV for a moment, would you ever be interested in working behind the camera?

Oh yes, I would definitely be interested in working behind the camera, but more of an executorial role – perhaps playing the role of an Executive Producer.

We definitely need more women behind the lens. Could you let us in on the current projects you???re working on?

I just launched my website and currently, I???m working on my upcoming podcast and a few TV shows that will be on my website and YouTube page. My medical spa, Lumora also opened for business at the beginning of the year.

Congratulations! Before I let you go, I’m a little curious… do you have any plans for Valentine???s Day?

My plans for Valentine’s are very simple – just to be surrounded by love and hopefully do something that will make me feel loved.

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  • Photographer: @chimaobidavidibe
  • Make Up Artist: @arabylaide
  • Hair: @thehairfuseltd & @mr.ts_beautyconcepts
  • Styling: @gloryuduma
  • Videography: @egofixtv
  • Location: @talindosteakhouse
  • Hair: @hairbybeesroots

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