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8 Sep


SHE-EO London founder, Emeca Hart established the luxury scent brand just this year, right in the midst of a global pandemic, but she’s absolutely determined to build a successful business and put the proudly Black-owned brand on the map. As a business owner and female CEO, that certainly comes with its challenges but Emeca is prepared to face them head-on.

Her early years of spending summer vacations with her grandparents in the countryside of Jamaica birthed her love for exotic scents, a passion that is now reflected throughout her product line. Emeca sits down with SCHICK to discuss her long-term vision for SHE-EO, which couldn’t be clearer: To gain global recognition, be purposeful, enrich, empower, elevate, engage and inspire.

SHE-EO London Creator and Founder, Emeca Hart

How would you describe the process of setting up SHE-EO? What were your most significant challenges?

As a solo-preneur, the challenges are far greater due to the many roles and responsibilities, from marketing to production. Creating and implementing processes, procedures, conducting research and testing are just some of them, whilst maintaining a family, full-time job and other responsibilities.

Since establishing the business, what are some of the triumphs you???re most proud of?

I am extremely proud of the progress since launching in June 2020. Week two, I applied for a Business Accelerator program that was created by Connie Nam, Founder of Astrid & Miyu for Black-owned businesses and was selected as one of the six winners. In July, we moved out of our home kitchen into a new office and secured a deal with a luxury boutique in Nottinghill, London, as well as spas, showrooms and offices. That was incredible.

What type of consumer did you have in mind when developing the product line?

I absolutely love luxury and knew from the start that that was my target market and audience.

Can you tell us about the process of sourcing for the raw material used in making your products?

Sourcing is a huge factor in the making or breaking of any company. It was important that we support local businesses here in the UK, more so with a sustainable ethos. Due to the pandemic, it has made it slighter harder to source materials due to businesses closing down, longer wait times and out of stock items.

Is sustainability an important consideration in your production process?

Most definitely, we are advocates for sustainability. We know the benefit of soy compared to paraffin wax and ensure our containers are recyclable. Our products and ingredients are responsibly sourced, from eco soy, coconut wax and vegan fragrance oil, to rattan reeds, eco wicks, recyclable containers and packaging.

In recent times, the movement to support Black-owned businesses has gained major traction. In what ways, if at all, has your business been affected by this and how would you like to see this kind of support continue?

SHE-EO has greatly benefited from the BLM movement due to the constant awareness and campaigns to not only support local, but more specifically Black-owned businesses.?? I think it is fair to say it has contributed to our success.

In your opinion, what distinguishes your brand from others in the industry?

I would like to think of my brand as unique, a contender, appealing, relatable and memorable.

What has the process of becoming an entrepreneur taught you about yourself?

I have evolved into a thought leader, a person of impact, risk-taker and a game-changer. I can also say that launching my own business has certainly made me more resilient.

How would you describe SHE-EO products in three words?

Three words that easily describe our products are: Luxurious, evoking and minimalistic.

What is your long-term vision for the brand?

My long-term vision is to become a global brand with stockists worldwide, expand the business and make strategic partnerships. We’ve also very keen on establishing partnerships with a charity of Afro-Caribbean origins.

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