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Maria Okanrende, fondly known as ‘Maria Okan’, is best known as the morning show??co-host??on Lagos’ urban radio station, The Beat 99.9. She also hosts her own fashion and lifestyle show on YouTube, ‘Maria’s Matters’, where she has interviewed a variety of celebrities, including??Yemi Alade, Cynthia Morgan, and the classic man himself, Jidenna.

SCHICK caught up with the multi-media personality to talk favourite TV shows,??her ideal Friday night??and the one fashion trend she wouldn’t be caught dead in!


#1 What???s the one thing people generally don???t know about being a radio presenter in Nigeria?

It???s so strange! The week could start off so normal and by Thursday, you???re breaking/discussing news and stories that you never saw coming a day before! Also you never get used to waking up at 4:30am.

#2 What is the strangest thing you???ve ever read about yourself on Instagram?

Me faking my accent gets me every time.

#3 What TV show do you wish was still on air?

Moesha and The Wire. Can I have 2?!

#4 The song no one would believe you have on your iPod is???

Roxette ??? It Must???ve Been Love

#5 What???s the worst thing that has ever happened to you on the radio?

Offending a guest during an interview. It happens a lot with company CEOs.

#6 Tell us one hidden talent no one else knows.

I write songs!

#7 Favourite thing to snack on?


#8 What???s your biggest pet peeve?

Opening my WhatsApp message and not responding/people pretending to be what they???re not.

#9 Do you secretly have a favourite Nigerian artist?

No secrets! I love a lot in rotation. At the moment: Adekunle Gold, Olamide and Flavour.

#10 What???s your ideal Friday night?

Food and staying at home.

#11 What food can you absolutely not stand?

Catfish pepper soup!

#12 One fashion trend you wouldn???t be caught dead in?

Peplum doesn???t suit me.

#13 Did you ever consider any other career(s)?

Yes writing, and banking. I had careers in both before moving to Nigeria.

#14 Favourite outdoor activity?

Dance lessons!

#15 What 5 people would be on your Fantasy Dinner guest list?

My grandad (dad???s dad), 2Pac, Oprah [Winfrey], Martin Luther King Jr and Notorious BIG.

#16 What item in your closet can you not get enough of?

My fitted, blue, faded jeans!

#17 Jeans or palazzo pants?


#18 Neat-freak or clutter-bug?

Both, depending on my energy at any given moment.

#19 Snapchat or Instagram Stories?

Both. People that don???t follow me be checkin’ my Instagram snaps. What I see is very intriguing!

#20 One beauty secret every woman should know?

Don???t overdo the beauty regime. Find a product or a select few that work for you and keep it moving.

#21 What???s the one thing you love to eat that everyone else finds nasty?


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