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You might know Adeolu Adefarasin as the cute guy on hilarious web series,??Skinny Girl in Transit, or the even cuter guy in hit Nollywood flick, The Wedding Party. But when he’s not??in front of the camera, who is the real Adeolu?

SCHICK went behind the scenes to find out what makes the actor tick,??the worst comment he’s??read about himself on an Instagram photo, and if??Bisola Aiyeola [Big Brother housemate and??Skinny Girl in Transit??co-star] is really that funny in real??life! (We couldn’t help the last one.)

#1 What did you secretly love acting in more: The Wedding Party or Skinny Girl in??Transit (SGIT)?

Acting in The Wedding Party was certainly an honour and a huge opportunity. However, in??terms of sheer time spent with cast and crew, I really bonded with everybody on the??Skinny Girl in Transit set.

#2 What is the worst comment you???ve read about yourself on an Instagram photo?

I???ve been lucky enough to avoid any cold comments on Instagram, but I read??somewhere that acting is in the family because pastors are a load of actors. That??was particularly offensive.

#3 What TV series do you absolutely take way too seriously?

I typically??don???t attach myself to TV shows so much, but one show that has??managed to keep me emotionally invested for years now is Grey???s Anatomy!

#4 How similar are you and the character you play on Skinny Girl in Transit, Nathan?

I think we share a lot of surface qualities. He has the quiet gentleman thing going on,??but I think he has a darker mindset than I do.

#5 What???s the worst thing that has ever happened to you on a film set?

On a film set, honestly having to sing on SGIT! But on stage, I once had the elasticity??of my shorts fail me in the middle of a performance when all I had on underneath??was a lycra suit. That was wonderfully embarrassing!

#6 Tell us one hidden talent no one else knows about.

Well,??certainly not singing. I do write and perform spoken poetry,??though I haven???t done much of that lately.

#7 Is Bisola Aiyeola [the Big Brother housemate and co-star] really that funny in real??life?

Bisola, is the absolute life of any space she steps in! She is real, direct, unreserved,??so full of energy, and a huge part of the experience I had shooting on Skinny Girl in Transit.

#8 What???s your biggest pet peeve?

That’s easy! My biggest??pet peeve is time-wasting, which makes this Lagos life a??struggle for me. I don’t do??fashionably late; I am early, if not on time, for everything. Respecting people’s time is just something very much engrained in me.

#9 Are you secretly in love with any Nigerian actress?

At the moment, I???m kind of head over heels for Somkele [Idhalama]! Beautiful, incredibly talented,??and such a nice person.

#10 What???s the one thing you secretly enjoy doing when no one is there?

I’m a little claustrophobic, so I enjoy having doors open when no one is around;??be it when I’m in the shower, and just comfortable knowing no one is going to walk in.??It just feels so free.

#11 What pop culture word can you absolutely not stand?

“Swaguu”, “Wowuu”… pretty much anything that has??the ???uu??? added to the end of it!

#12 What is the one fashion trend you would love to see come back?

This is sad, but I used to have an absolute obsession with dungarees. I???d love to see??them??come back, but I don???t think I pulled it off then, so I don???t know that I???d pull it off now!

#13 Did you ever consider any other career(s)?

Never. I was very tunnel vision when I decided I wanted to be an actor. All my??subjects were chosen around it, and I really put all my eggs in one basket, which can be negative.??But I think it has been a good thing; it means I am committed and have to??work as hard as I can to keep growing. There’s no get-out clause.

#14 Favourite indoor activity?

I???m too about my film and TV shows; that is my activity of life!

#15 What 5 people would be on your Fantasy Dinner guest list?

Denzel Washington, Meryl Streep, Martin Luther King, Michael Caine and,??surprisingly, Emma Watson. She just comes off as incredibly smart, charitable and??insightful.

#16 What one item in your closet can you not get enough of?

I never used to be one for fashion accessories but since I started with the pocket??square, I???ll wear it any chance I get.

#17 Instagram or Snapchat?

Instagram all the way! It’s almost definitely my most used app.

#18 Beard or moustache gang?

BEARD GANG! The beard gang has changed my life. I look back at pre-beard gang??photos and I???m like: Who is this guy?

#19 Team Fit Fam or Team Say No To Diets?

Currently Team Say No To Diets, but working on getting back to that Fit Fam life.

#20 If you could change one thing about your life right now, what would it be?

I don???t know that I???d change anything. I mean, of course, I aspire to be further along??than I am, but I also acknowledge that I am further along than I was a year ago, so I??appreciate the progress.

#21 What???s your idea of a terrible Friday night?

A??good Friday night would probably be a movie, chilled, quiet bar and??good conversation. So, a terrible Friday night would be being dragged clubbing on an incredibly packed night, where you can???t move, dance, sit or??have conversation ???cause the music is too loud!