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Chioma Omeurah, popularly known as Chi Gul, is a Nigerian comedian, actor and singer. SCHICK catches up with our favourite funny woman to talk her number one celebrity crush, the one thing she’d love to tell Donald Trump,??and the hardest thing about being in the comedy business.

1. What???s the most embarrassing thing that???s ever happened to you on stage?

Thank God; I’m yet to experience this one!

2. What???s the worst thing you???ve read about yourself online???

That I was the razzest person in the world!

3. Which would you rather go without for a year: Music or Movies?

Movies! I need my music, abeg!

4. What three things would you absolutely take with you if you were going to be stuck in the desert?

Survival mode… My bible, water and warm clothing. Dessert cold is not for kids!

5. Who???s the one person you can???t do without?

My manager, who is also my older brother.

6. Celebrity crush: Richard Mofe Damijo or OC Ukeje?

Can’t I have both? Please, don’t make me choose!

7. What???s your favourite Nollywood film, at the moment?

Definitely Ojukokoro.

8. What???s the longest amount of time you???ve spent without your phone this week?

It leaveth me never. I always have it!

9. Your favourite time of day?

That, for me, is when its brightest.

10. The one beauty product you use everyday is??? ?

Facial wash.

11. What???s more important: A man who can cook or a man who cleans after himself?

Oh, definitely a man who cleans up after himself o!

12. The one song no one would believe you have on your ipod is??? ?

Guitar Boy by Victor Uwaifo.

13. What was the best part of filming Banana Island Ghost?

The fight scenes were awesome!

14. Your no. 1 guilty pleasure?

That has to be butter mints from??Marks & Spencer.

15. The one thing you wish you never ever had to do again?

Definitely surgery.

16. What???s the hardest thing about being a comedian?

The hardest thing is remaining relevant.

17. The best way to spend a Saturday afternoon?

A great Saturday, for me, equals good food, good friends and good gist!

18. Who???s your favourite Kardashian?


19. Where???s the most beautiful place you???ve been to???

Israel is gorgeous.

20. If you could spend one afternoon with Donald Trump, what would you speak to him about?

Simple: Why he feels the need to comment on everything.

21. Which celebrity???s wardrobe would you kill to have?

Melissa McCarthy’s all day, every day!