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27 May


We’ve got another edition from our work week wear style guide! Set yourself in a colourful mode and don’t be afraid to try on shades of hue tints and tones. You never know who might be watching you!


Courtesy: @Bolanle

Gear up for the week in matching colours like the work star that you are with and a touch of flamingo pink shoes will do well for that colour blocking madness.


Courtesy: @StephanieCoker

Now that you’ve got the Monday blues fully behind you, it’s time to unleash your inner stylista.  A big polka dotted top with a knot tie at the side stretches out that working class chic air that’s needed to bring you back to the style track.


Courtesy: Somkele Iyamah

An all-white look varies from off-white, snow white, ivory white and the list goes on. Match it up with the same family colour but in different tints and look spotless for the busy day ahead.


Courtesy: Idia Aisien

Every fashionista knows that wearing a plain colour outfit asks for black or white shoes to accessorize with. Choose colourful accessories to fit in that oddness for work and you won’t get caught up in that state of not having anything to wear.


Sway away the hectic week in layered pleated skirts, ruffled details on your top and that’s just right for a little extra drama. Switch things up with minimalistic heels for that party *its Friyay*

Bosede Ikujuni

Bosede Ikujuni is SCHICK magazine's Senior Fashion Editor. She’s ambitious, energetic and passionate about fashion. She studied fashion design with marketing in Kuala Lumpur, and has worked on numerous fashion projects.

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