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17 Jun


Maybe you’re the type of shopper who naturally gravitates towards neutral colours just so you can easily pair them with other accessories, or perhaps you’re just more inclined to play it safe. Whatever the case may be, if you are looking to incorporate colours into your daily look, here are a few ideas:

Start with your shoes

Still sticking with black and brown shoes? It’s time to take some baby steps. Your outfit can be a nude colour but when you add red shoes, for example, the whole look pops. If you think coloured shoes are too bold a move for you, opt for a colourful bag instead.

Jump to the basics

Green, yellow and blue are basic colours you should consider playing with. These colours come in different shades: from really dark themes to pastels. You can incorporate these colours into your jacket, tops or trousers. Wearing an all-black ensemble and throwing in a blue jacket will take the look to a 100.

Image: Unsplash

Buy colourful fashion accessories

Consider buying your scarves, jewellery or hats in pretty colours if you aren???t ready to go for colourful outfit choices just yet.

Go monochromatic

Wearing different shades of a single colour is one stylish way to go. It shows you’re feeling bold, confident and adventurous.

Colour blocking

This could have been a trend long gone but who says you have to stick to the rules? Pairing two or more solid colours in one look signifies your expressiveness and free spirit, so go fo it!

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Seyifunmi Oyetunji
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