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6 Jul


Every blog and fashion site is constantly telling you the ideal things you should own in your wardrobe, right? But it doesn’t start and end with a crisp white shirt, versatile pair of jeans and the right heels.

The quarantine period made most of us realise just what and what we’ve been lacking in the closet department. We tend to pay a lot of attention to outfits for work, parties and the like, and neglect the basics for simply lounging at home or making a trip to the store, but we’re all the wiser now.

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Here are 8 simple, practical clothes everyone should own at least one pair of:


For airport trips, market errands or even lounging at home, a pair of joggers will always come in handy, especially when you are going for a chilled out look.

Comfy nightwear

For nights where you just want to feel sexy yet comfortable, have slip lingerie or a pyjama set ready, instead of that old t-shirt you constantly find yourself in.

Leggings (of course…)

40 years after leggings made their debut on the fashion scene, they’re still one of the most useful and comfortable pieces of clothing ever.

Oversized sweater

While the fitted ones are pretty cool, an oversized sweater allows for more room and even more comfort. This also pairs perfectly with leggings.

Oversized shirt

Most of us literally spent the entirety of the lockdown in one oversized shirt or another. They are beautifully comfortable and an easy outfit choice to run quick errands. One can never have enough of them.

Denim jacket

Any clothing item you can literally pair with everything is a must-have. From your dresses to shorts, stripes to bright coloured outfits, the denim jacket flows with them all. Having one in your closet is essential.

Baseball hat

For days you don’t want to throw on a wig or wear a pretty scarf, this will definitely come in handy.


That one accessory you don’t realise you need until you need it is the sunglasses. However, when shopping for the right sunnies, do ensure to go for a pair that fits your face structure and don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles.

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