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24 May


Fashions Finest Africa Fashion Week will be taking place on the 25th, 26th and 28th May at the Balmoral Convention Centre at Federal Palace Hotel, featuring young, new, aspiring and emerging designers who will be showcasing their very best designs on the runway. With interactive sessions on various areas of the fashion industry, good music and exhibition stands, the annual event will feature more talents and more opportunities for everyone in the fashion industry and will be a fantastic platform for every young designer out of Africa, let’s meet some of these designers:

Guzzling NG

We are in a new era of luxury athletic wear, and in this new wave, streetwear should now be on your radar. However you describe it, the rise of high-end streetwear is here as evidenced on the BoF Lyst index of the hottest brands of the third quarter of 2017. GuzzlingNg is an elevated Urban and streetwear clothing based in Lagos. Nigeria that offers High Fashion, luxury streetwear.

Morin. O

Morin.O is a leather accessories design and manufacturing business, founded by savvy contemporary African art collector and veteran Morin Obaweya. The brand is inspired by ethnic accessories and designs for the chic, confident and innovative individual. Ethically producing 100% handcrafted bags in Nigeria from start to finish, the eponymous brand is a testimony to the fact that ‘African made’ can be luxurious and yet take on African shapes.

Ageless Fashion NG

Ageless Fashion is an African- contemporary clothing brand who specialize in making bespoke wears and ready-to-wear clothing for the modern woman. Their goal is to make the modern woman look fascinating, elegant and timeless and they believe their creativity is divinely inspired to give an ‘Ageless appeal’.


JPKouture’s ethos is that every plus size lady is beautiful and their clothes should complement and enhance this beauty, hence building the confidence of a curvy lady. This the birth of JPKouture by Hadassah in 2013, a brand dedicated to designing and producing fabulous pieces using exotic fabrics with a modern and sultry twist.
JPKouture specializes in creating beautiful couture pieces with a blend of Ankara, sequin, lace, etc. Each piece is carefully designed to enhance the curves and create an elegant silhouette for full figured ladies, making her feel beautiful and flawless. JPKouture by Hadassah the pioneer of the Plussize movement in Africa and has done more than 20 fashion runways starting from 2013 to date and has won several awards since 2015.

Isi Atagamen

Isi Atagamen is a contemporary fashion line dedicated to creating sharp, chic tailoring that possesses a feminine edge with a considerate approach to wearable designs that inspire, define and push the limits of fashion designing. Isi Atagamen prides itself in giving every woman the power look for every occasion at a reasonable price.


Ghanaian fast rising luxury fashion brand Gavachy by Victor Reginald Bob Abbey-Hart is one of the designers showcasing at the Fashions Finest Epic Shoe and has officially unveiled its SS18 collection called “OCCULARCENTRISM “. The pieces feature elements of old fashion styles of the 1920s, with panels and straps of kente that boldly present the Ghanaian culture in a globally aligned fashion trend. With Occularcentrism, traditional Ghanaian culture of kente adornment is harmonized with a global culture of plain long sleeves. The concept behind SS18 is to revive old fashion trends which our sense of sight and aesthetic judgments have betrayed in this Ocularcentric regime where what we see become our reality and trends are seen as old-fashioned when our eyes are lavished with new fashion garments.

Oma Couture

Oma couture is a premium ready to wear brand for strong, confident, classic, free and goal-oriented women. The brand aims to build inspiration with women through clothing.


Hackky is a premium ready to wear brand for women with style, confidence and class. The collection cemented a notable retreat from minimalism but proved how much you can do with the right colour combinations and impeccable tailoring.


Niiffe was started in 2010 as a bespoke brand catering mainly for weddings and special events (majorly red carpets), they then launched their RTW arm in 2012 once they started recording considerable levels of growth, with the sole goal of providing the opportunity for people to be adequately represented through their fashion sense and style. It has always been their belief that clothes should be made to fit our bodies and not the other way round and as a result, Niiffe’s designs are magnificent, mysterious, fresh, radiant and elegant with an intensity that you will find desirable.

Jane Michael Collection

Jane Michael Collection is a premium fashion brand with a capacity for unravelling fashion – related problems. With the best use of homegrown quality of materials and creativity, the brand specializes in couture, bespoke and premium ready-to-wear outfits with fine lines and clean cuts. As part of a movement to revolutionize the world of fashion, the Jane Michael brand caters to the woman who is fashionably aware and thoroughly enjoys being part of style conversations.


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