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24 Oct


Heineken??Lagos Fashion Week (LFW)??is returning??for its 8th season from the 24th to the 27th of October, 2018. The bi-annual showcase held in Africa???s largest city has become a permanent fixture in the global fashion calendar. Every year, the Lagos Fashion Week tents welcome buyers, media and fashion enthusiasts to view the collections of young, emerging and leading designers across Africa. So, let’s take a look at some important things to note for the big week!

When is Lagos Fashion Week?

Lagos Fashion Week 2018 shows kick??off Thursday, 25th October, and runs through Saturday, 27th.??The week includes spring/summer runway collections and ready-to-wear styles presented by various popular and lesser-known African designers??including Maki Oh, Adama Paris, Tongoro Studio, Jermaine Bleu and many, many more.

Where is Lagos Fashion Week held?

LFW shows will be held in placed tents in Oniru, Lagos, Nigeria. But, some??designers will choose to present in more original venues throughout the city.

How can I be a part of Lagos Fashion Week?

You’re already a part of the bustle just by stepping out into the streets of Lagos. Yes, the focus was once entirely??on the designs that walk down the runway, but actually,??that’s only half the important coverage. It’s also about what??attendees are wearing themselves. Lagos transforms into meeting points of fashionistas that end up being photographed as if they are??celebs.

How do I get tickets to Lagos Fashion Week?

Nabbing a ticket??is tricky ??? tickets to runway shows and VIP seats are invite-only??and unless you’re a celebrity, getting those front row seats is even harder. But you still get an awesome virtual view of every show for free by watching SCHICK’s social media and web coverage Following @SCHICKMagazine on??Twitter,??Instagram,??Facebook??and Snapchat is sure to also give you a behind-the-scenes view. You can also get regular tickets here:??

Who is showcasing at Lagos Fashion Week?

Take a look at the filled up schedule to see all the designers presenting

What should I wear to Lagos Fashion Week?

Two words: comfortable shoes.??Getting from show to show (or??public event??to public event) at Lagos Fashion Week isn’t easy, and trying to do it in your highest heels won’t make it any easier. Luckily, sneakers, flats and boots are more in line with current trends than they have been in years past.

That said, if you’re heading out on the city streets to show off your unique style, be sure to slip on the most outrageously fashionable footwear you own.

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Lagos Fashion Week

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