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8 Jun


Summer 2020 might look like much of a plan right now, but these trends will definitely have you anticipating some summer rendezvous. To distract from the current reality, though, it can also be frustrating, it would be nice to take a new trend on a spin ahead of the season, and get one step ahead of your fashion game, here are the trends to take on.


Pearl-Beaded Hair

This is by far my favourite trend this season, especially as an Afro girl. It only takes a sleek bun, glue and pearls to make me look fashion week ready.

Coloured Eyeshadow

This trend is soft, playful, and so, so dreamy. It is time to step out of the makeup comfort zone and have some fun this season. Choose one colour and just play around with; it doesn???t have to be perfect.


Yes, I???m surprised this 90s trend is making a comeback. Like it or not, this trend is all over Instagram and it???s making a statement this season.

Pearl Eyeliner

This 2020 makeup trend???a.k.a. pearled eyeliner looks just as fire as pearled hair. Granted, it takes a while to apply, but the aftermath is totally worth the stress.


Tie-Dye is making a comeback this season. Don’t get me wrong tie-dye has always been big in Nigeria, but it is making a huge fashion statement right now globally. The burst of colours looks so, so beautiful on the dark skin that makes the trend irresistible.

Platform Sliders

As someone who loves doing the most with fashion, I am ‘un-denyingly’ obsessed with this trend. Platform sliders is one piece that literally transforms your look in a jiff. This is a beautiful way to make a statement without a basic item.

Oversized T-shirts

It???s no doubt that oversized t-shirts look good on everyone whether pairing with oversized pants or biker shorts. You???ll always end up having that ???no effort, but your fav fashion girl??? look. I love a good opportunity to show off melanin.

Fox Eyeliner

Eyeliners are cool again???when you add some of that black to your inner corner. This??Euphoria??makeup effect isn???t going anywhere in 2020. So if you haven???t already, it???s time to hop on the bandwagon.

Nimotalai Oki
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