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The fashion industry and the internet were taken by surprise on Friday when luxury clothing label Hanifa launched its recent collection Pink Label Congo. Infusing a tech meets fashion theme, the clothing line made use of 3D models in its pieces walking on virtual runway.

The breakout of the global pandemic had made the future of so many businesses and industries (with the fashion industry being one of them) very uncertain. For the fashion industry, Hanifa can be recognised as the light at the end of a dark tunnel, as a result of the global lockdown, fashion shows and weeks have been cancelled and some brands have had to file bankruptcy, these cases and more left lovers of the industry questioning its fate.

Anifa Mvuemba, Creative Designer at Hanifa, usually presents her designs and pieces using 3D images and had decided to take things further long before the global lockdown order. In an interview with teen Vogue, she revealed how she then begin to share her doubts to pursue her plans once she realised the pandemic had become serious, she said “…I started to feel a bit anxious about everything going on. I started feeling like maybe it would be insensitive to create and share a new collection online while people were facing very difficult realities.

Muvemba describes the inspiration for the collection stemming from the people of Congo and how they show up regardless of what they are going through, in the collection’s description on the Hanifa website she says

Riddled with a painful history, the beauty of Congo is often untapped and overlooked… I was reminded of the stories my mother told me of the women she knew back home in Congo. Women who suffered great loss but still, mustered every ounce of strength everyday to show up. My hope is that this collection inspires all women to stand tall in their power and like the Democratic Republic of Congo, to use their history, whether pretty or painful — to redesign their future…”

You can tell she also embraces Africa as a whole as the 3D models are designed with curves synonymous with the typical African woman. The eight-piece collection is now available on Hanifa.co with prices ranging from $115 to $499.