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2018 has been a year of dramatic changes as well as brand discovery and it has just dawned on us how well this has systematically helped some brands reach a wider age group and tailored to their clothing needs from the start of fashion week 2019. In all honesty, some people find it not nice with the sudden change as a lot of fashion forward enthusiasts have lived and aged with most fashion brand logo identity.


Are we going to outlast this change and simply conform to some adored brands experiencing a transformational framework? What’s more, most brands have imbued the progressions into adornments name labels and bundling sacks on the like of Balmain, Burberry, Celine and so on. As of late Balmain was roused from a portion of Pierre’s Balmain monogram designs and when you looked carefully is structured from a modified “p” from the founders’ name and the Balmain team are more than prepared to fuse it in their future designs and we are already seeing it. Adroitly there hasn’t been much change with the Celine brand name just the stamped image on the “E” was changed which drove a great deal of remark expressing what was the point in transforming it when they were no such distinction. Burberry and Yes Saint Laurent font change weren’t enticing for some loyal fanatics and you can imagine.


Are we in or against these stunning logo pattern changes occurring in the fashion business of late it’s been a thing with design brands changing their logo every once in a while however how well has this been powerful with regards to the brand connection. 


How well have their customers or clients acclimatized to this change? You can continue forever making this inquiry. What makes a logo so unique with regards to branding or most likely rebranding as the development has begun?


In all trustworthiness, a few people discover it not decent with the sudden change as a ton of design-forward fans have lived and matured with most style brand logo character. Should we watch out for all the more stunning changes and we trust it bodes well for development this year or should brands just go on a pause and stick to their brand identity everyone has lived by?