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Nigerian womenswear brand Imad Eduso has been in the fashion industry for a brief period of time, but their impact has been unprecedented. The brands aesthetic has always been focused on creating classic styles, approaching contemporary trends intellectually and using colours to create versatile pieces that are visually arresting. The two-year-old brand is owned and creatively directed by Dami Osude, a woman who combines impeccable tailoring with a subversive take on femininity, and has won over African retail heavyweights. Through her designs, she addresses the politics of modern female clothing and pushes the African woman’s identity in fashion beyond a traditional outlook. Her ascent might be unprecedented, but it is not undeserved and as the world of womenswear grows ever closer, Dami Osude is putting her stamp on the category. With a debut runway showcase coming up at this year’s Lagos Fashion and Design Week, we speak to the ingenious lady on the growth of Imad Eduso and the Nigerian fashion industry.

When did you know you were into fashion?

Fashion has always been a part of my life, but the consciousness began in high school.

Who are your biggest fashion influences?

My work is an expression of different elements (Abstract Sculptures, Architecture, People, Life, Colours, e.t.c). influenced by my sister and Audrey Hepburn.

What inspired you to start Imad Eduso?

My Passion and Essentially, my label is really a selfish project. I am just so grateful and awed by the love and support it has received from the fashion community.

How has your brand evolved since you first began?

In terms of our aesthetic, I truly believe we are coming into our own- more self-assured, bolder designers. Commercially, we have adapted our aesthetic to compliment most body types while retaining the IMAD EDUSO trademark.

How do you feel about your debut showcase at LFDW 2017?

Thrilled! The timing of this opportunity was perfect for IMAD EDUSO. We are young enough to learn from this experience but seasoned enough to bring something positive to the HLFDW 2017 table.


What can we expect from your LFDW 2017 collection?

Our presentation for HLFDW 2017, is the love story and evolution from girl to woman. This evolution is expressed in the transition of colours and hem lines. You can also expect our signature clean lines, fitted form and a hint of corsetry.

Any advice for young, up and coming designers?

Asking me to Advice myself?…..Lol! I’d say ‘just start, stop dreaming and start.’

What is the most exciting moment you have had so far in your career?

Most recent being a part of the HLFDW

What hobbies do you have that rejuvenate your creativity?

Getting myself to relax is step 1! Usually by watching Tv Shows.

What, do you believe, is the biggest problem in the Nigeria fashion industry that you have had to overcome.

Trying to instil an appreciation for minute detail and clean finishing in my team. Essentially, the whole process of training and exposing staff to international standards of execution.

Is there growth in this field? How do things generally look for new fashion designers entering the field?

Absolutely! The landscape is a bit saturated but there is an appreciation for talent and hard work.