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19 Nov


Breaking boundaries and standing out are touchstones for Martell, and no one better embodies this Martell spirit like Nigerian singer-songwriter and record producer, Davido. 

For Martell, a Standout Swift is someone who challenges convention and opens the way for others – and Davido certainly has that influence. His partnership with Martell aims to inspire others to be unapologetically themselves and create their own path for the benefit of others. This message is boldly brought to life in the creative: Davido demonstrates that one’s path to success does not have to be linear and the campaign encourages people to seek out the opportunities in their lives that will help them both soar beyond expectations and drive positive change. This comes through with the introduction of Liya to the campaign film; a rising talent, who Davido has been mentoring and supporting.

‘’We understand the limitations that exist for the typical Young Nigerian living in Nigeria, but we also know that what makes a Standout Swift is the can do spirit that Davido is about. Inspired by the Martell Spirit, Martell is proud to share our history and essence by challenging Younger Nigerians to own their narratives and join Martell in being bold about how far they’ve come.’’ – Sola Oke, Managing Director of Pernod Ricard

Speaking about his love for young Nigerians, Davido says, “I’m inspired by young people! Their style, their courage, their bravery! We are always doing new things, pushing the bounds and coming up top. I’m very excited that Martell and I are launching this campaign. It’s the perfect time!”

Digging deeper, he reveals, “I’m [also] inspired by the kind of life I want to create for myself, by my family and the people around me. I also love to see Nigerian music getting the flowers that it deserves on a global stage and that also keeps me inspired.”

On the topic of qualities the world-renowned artist seeks out before considering brand partnerships of this nature, he says, “I look for a brand whose values align with mine and who have an identity I would love to be a part of. This partnership inspires me so much. Asides from the fact that it recognises me for who I am and the contributions I have made, this campaign has inspired me to be better and keep creating opportunities for younger artists.”

Since the inception of Martell has been pushing the boundaries of innovation as seen in Martell’s Blue Swift. In 1973, Martell was the first cognac house to ship its barrels to America and Martell Blue Swift is a celebration of the brand’s innovative and historic ties with the United States, made of V.S.O.P cognac manufactured in French oak casks and finished in Kentucky bourbon barrels. 

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Titi Adesanya
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