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Asa is a woman, an artist, a voice who needs no introduction. She first took the world by storm in 2007, releasing an utterly refreshing body of work that is still as relevant today as it was 12 years ago. Her growth, appeal and influence is a constantly moving train and now, in 2019, our latest cover star is bigger and better than ever.

In the 6th issue of SCHICK Magazine – our exciting Summer edition – we get to hear, first-hand, from the typically reserved recording artist about what it’s like living under the international spotlight and working with some of the greats of our time (including Angélique Kidjo, Lenny Kravitz and so on), the real reason she took a five-year hiatus from releasing new music, and the pain and reward of tirelessly pursuing your goals – even if that means waiting in the cold for fourteen hours to get your first gig.

Here is a sneak peek of the cover story, styled by Titi Adesanya and photographed by Seye Isikalu.

On Music:

“Music is subjective, some will like what you do, and some won’t. One day, you’re in a 5-star hotel, the next, in a below 1-star hotel. Life is full of ups and downs, and that’s what makes it stimulating. I think the most important thing is never to lose sight of who you are and your purpose in life.”

On Her Personality:
“I don’t take myself too seriously. People think I’m a little uptight, but I like meeting and learning about people. Once we get past the introduction, I end up becoming the class clown!”

On Being a Woman:

“You are simply an angry feminist. No one looks at the fact that being a strong woman is the influence of good parenting and society.”

On Love and Dating:

“It’s either guys think they aren’t in your league or you have 150 sailors waiting at every port to swoon at your feet! Either way, it can be quite lonely and difficult to find someone who doesn’t mind taking the back seat to see you grow and wilfully take you for all you are.”

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The digital version of SCHICK Magazine is on sale on the 9th of August at www.iamschick.com/buy or you can buy the print version from the 19th of August on select newsstands nationwide.

Photography Courtesy:

Photographer: Seye Isiaku |Make-Up: Violet Zeng | Hair: Janet Nwose |Styling: Titi Adesanya| Location: The Hop Shop, Castle Lavender Farm