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29 Jan


Today, only a little over 2% of Fortune 500 CEOs are women, but even though they are not numerous, they still play a vital role—they represent businesswomen everywhere. Being a good leader takes talent, and for women in leadership positions, this responsibility might be even more demanding. Female bosses often need to work harder to prove their worth to their male counterparts and gain the respect of their peers and employees.

But one thing is for certain, women are some of the best bosses you can ever have in your career. In order to find out what these powerful ladies have in common, here are just some of the traits every female boss possesses in the modern business world.


Powerful women are not scared to take risks, learn from their mistakes, deal with ill-intended remarks and insults, battle stereotypes and fight for what they deserve no matter how big the opponent is. Being a woman leader in the male-dominated environment like a boardroom requires strength and confidence to tackle obstacles and setbacks. Every lady boss needs to believe in herself even when others don’t believe in her—the rest will follow suit.


Besides the vision, perseverance, passion and empathy, all the next-gen female bosses also have the skills and motivation to create women-empowered workplaces. While some offices are trying to create gender-equal workplaces, not every company is there yet, so women leaders need to battle to carve out space for them and their peers. Female bosses all try their best to redefine the future by creating a suitable work culture for women workers and encouraging them to strive for leadership positions.


No matter the gender, every leader needs to be confident, creative and persevering, but they certainly need to adaptable above all else. Every position and every office require workers to follow a new set of rules and have demands one needs to meet. The boss needs to engage the workforce, clients and tech to build a good operation. Even today when people are mostly working from home one needs to find a way to keep staff and paperwork in check. An adaptable female boss will turn to technology to keep time and attendance and track her team’s hours, shifts, and costs. With the right tool, a good boss can manage staff more proactively and achieve full team visibility—that’s what it means to be adaptable to any obstacle!


Knowing how to ignore bad advice, especially without offending the person that gave it, is a big skill female leaders need to have. In many cases, the only way to move forward is to stick to your own plan that’s based on your knowledge of the company, industry and clients, thus it’s crucial to ignore advice from people without that knowledge. The only advice worth listening comes from people with plenty of experience in the industry. It’s crucial to know when to follow the advice and when to politely nod and smile and still do what you want to do. However, most advisers are not ill-intentioned—they are usually just guided by unconscious prejudice based on gender, age and background.


One thing that many businesswomen struggle with is claiming their worth and they often shy away from opportunities and interactions that might provide them with the means to move forward in their careers. In many cases, one needs to ask for promotions, better pay and other things that will continue their progress. Luckily, powerful women know how to ask for things they want and deserve. Instead of waiting for someone to see their worth, they show it off and take charge of their career situation. Women who learn how to ask for things have the potential to become the most powerful people in the room.

When it comes to women and management positions, things have changed in the past 10 years. However, women still need to work harder than their male peers in order to reach the same professional heights. Luckily, with successful female bosses to serve as inspiration, women all over the world are getting hyped to become powerful leaders.

Peter Minkoff
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