Describing the freshly-launched bottle itself, Felipe has three simple words: “it’s dynamic, energetic and present.”

Speaking on his creative process, Felipe points out that it’s very important to remember that working as a creative doesn’t automatically translate to a “bohemian”, free-spirited lifestyle. “I am very disciplined [with work]. You can be more spontaneous with ideas, but when it actually comes to making the work, it works like an office or a factory – we work from 9 am to 6 pm. It’s not a bohemian process.”

When asked why he keeps his identity private, on and off line, the artist says, “I’m actually not that private. I go to every one of my art openings, I am in touch with people, I’m out there; I just don’t like my face to be on the Internet. I don’t see any advantages in having my face out there; I think it’s better if people just focused on my work. If you care about me, care about my work.”