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In an effort to avoid becoming complete couch potatoes (which is truly the easier option right now), many of us are opting for home workouts. Zumba is one of the many options you can give a go, with hundreds of easy-to-follow exercise videos available on the Internet. It’s both fun and effective!

What makes it so special is that as you literally dance your way to a fitter you, it helps you build stamina, increase endurance and strengthen your core. If you’ve already fallen in love with Zumba, here’s all the encouragement you need to keep going:

Better coordination

If you can move your arms and legs in unison with the upbeat music, change your movement every few seconds and not take out someone’s eye in the process, the result is gradually improved coordination.

Battles stage fright

Zumba involves a lot of spicy moves that might make you uncomfortable initially, but once you get over it the awkwardness, this group exercise will help bring you out of your shell – and that has long-term benefits for other areas of your life too, including career and business.

Improved dancing skills

Not much a dancer? Zumba can help with that. The only way for this exercise to be effective is to move to the beat, so you can improve your skills on the dance floor while getting in shape.

Stress therapy

A great Zumba online class is the right place to work through your stress caused by work, life or the global crisis we’re in now. The lively music, dancing and giggles will help you feel a lot calmer afterwards.

Meet new people

Once you’re back up and about, it’s the perfect opportunity to mingle and get to know new people. Who knows? You could even make a lifelong friend!

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