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Ronke Raji and Arthur Adeola have had their traditional white wedding and these bright and happy pictures from the ceremony speak volume about the magnificence of the day!

Ronke is a US-based beauty blogger and photographer She and Arthur, the love of her life were together for seven solid years before their engagement in July 2017.  And a few weeks after their traditional engagement in Lagos, Nigeria, the couple have had their white wedding in California, sharing their happiness with family and friends.

Explaining their journey, Ronke Raji captioned:

People may look at us and wonder why we are celebrating so much but there’s a lot to be thankful for. When I met @bysirarthur 7 years ago, I was young and the way I saw the world was different, I needed a challenge and he provided me with that. We’ve always loved similar things and I thought one day surely our romance would chill. When people see us they automatically think we are a new couple, we love each other so much not because we are perfect but because we fit each other. He’s my protector, my third eye, the one who knows me almost as much as I know myself.

Never in a million years would I think that two people who met at a party, who used to take the bus everywhere, who both worked at Macy’s at a point would be here today. At our fairytale wedding. When you look at our photos see the celebration, 7 is the number of perfection and I’ve learnt that this is our time. All the moments we’ve had together has led up to this, we worked hard for this. @bysirarthur I’m extremely proud of you and I can’t wait to have your children. You are going to be amazing amazing father, and I’m super excited to present to you guys. Mr & Mrs Adeola. #rnblove2018

Olabanji Adeola said:

And so it was… a beautiful fire burning with passion and endless morning kisses. Our Journey started 7 years ago and now I call you my wife…. surreal…You watched me grow from being a boy with unbelievable ambitions to becoming a man with multiple talents and countless blessings. Lord without you.. I am a mortal lost in the wind. Only you can grant such wishes.. can’t wait for forever to spend with you

Her dress was designed by luxury wedding gown designer Brides by Nona who recently showcased her bridal collection at Lagos Bridal Fashion Week 2018.

Ronke Raji


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Photographer: @_digitaldreamer_