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5 Jul


You’ve said yes and now you’re thinking pre-wedding photo-shoot. Wedding fever? Cold feet? Bridezilla or groomzilla? Okay, be calm because SCHICK’s got you covered. We know the wedding preparations are of highest priority But remember behind every beautiful wedding is a pre-wedding shoot that tells a story, so here goes:

No. 1: Your story:

What kind of memories would you both like to share?

No. 2: What is your budget:

How much are you willing to spend on this?

No. 3: Photographer and Videographer?

You need to find a photographer that matches your style and a videographer that can portray your story visually.

No. 4: Location:

Are you shooting outdoors or indoors? Is special permission required or advanced booking needed?

No. 5: Date and Time:

4-5 months before your big day is adequate

No. 6: Props!

Props add a lot of life and vibrancy to your photos, especially if they are themed.

No. 7: Costume:

This is a photo shoot, do your homework or hire a stylist, get yourself and your fiancé outfits ready.

No. 8: Hair and Makeup:

 You have to look great of course.

Backup Plan:

 You have to have a backup plan for everything. Alternative photographer, location options, dates, outfits etc. you never know when something goes wrong.


Tutu Adetunmbi

Tutu is an avid multitasker and great at organisational effectiveness and with a change in media and a change in fashion together, you have a whole lot of change, but that’s just a fun challenge for an editor! With a degree in Law and Masters in International Law and diplomacy, she took her writing skills into the creative space, visualising and creating fashion & lifestyle editorial content in her field and has never looked back.

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