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Every bride wants to look her very best on her Big Day; after all, you’re stuck with those photographs for life! (No pressure, here.) Rather than sign up for Bridal Body Boot Camp à la Pippa Middleton, or obsess over your calorie intake, Nutrition psychologist, Tara Mahedevan dishes out advice for brides-to-be on how to get in shape for your Big Day, the best way!

Eat lots of carrots

They are packed with Vitamin A, which not only gives you a healthy glow for those very important photos, but also helps prevent sun damage, so you look your best.

Load up on cucumbers

They are a nutritional storehouse of water and vitamins, which will cool your skin and help reduce the appearance of blemishes caused by stress and lack of sleep. Bonus: You can also place them over your eyes to get rid of dark circles!

Red peppers are your best friend 

Because they help heal damaged skin. Their natural sweetness and crunchiness will also help you stay away from too many sweets.

Add egg whites to your diet

One egg white contains about 15 calories and 3 grams of skin-tightening and hair-protecting protein goodness. Hello, luscious locks!

Don’t compromise on water

More than anyone, brides-to-be need at least 3 litres of water a day to stay hydrated and relaxed. Your skin will so thank you for it, come the Big Day!

Always keep a bag of almonds close

Although they are naturally high in calories, almonds contain essential fatty acids that your hair and skin need. However, remember to enjoy them in moderation.

Get some sleep!

It’s a crazy, busy time but you need to get a good amount of sleep to function and look your best. What you eat and how much aren’t the only determinants of great looking skin and hair on your wedding day, but also how much and how well you sleep.