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14 Aug


It’s not at all difficult to understand why iconic brandy distiller, Hennessy made the decision to work with the extraordinary Felipe Pantone. He is an internationally-recognised visual artist, whose breathtaking body of work spans from graffiti to kinetic art.

Felipe, whose technique shows both an appreciation of history and forward-looking technology, is best known for his signature designs, which include bold graphics and 3D illusions.

It was this level of expertise that drew the Henessy brand to the artist. The Hennessy Very Special Limited Edition bottle, designed by Felipe Pantone, is based on the artist’s original artwork “W-3 Dimensional Three Stars”, a piece inspired by Hennessy’s past.

Felipe Pantone became fascinated with Hennessy’s archive library in Cognac. He leafed through old labels and advertisements, surveyed antique bottles and packaging, and appropriated the three-star motif for his own exploration of the Cognac’s visual signifiers. Merging the old with new ideas, a visual masterpiece was born.

In a sit-down with SCHICK Magazine in Lagos, Nigeria, Felipe opens up about why he decided to work with the brand, the creative process behind the new bottle design, and why he chooses to conceal his face from the world.

When asked why he keeps his identity private, on and off line, the artist says, “I’m actually not that private. I go to every one of my art openings, I am in touch with people, I’m out there; I just don’t like my face to be on the Internet. I don’t see any advantages in having my face out there; I think it’s better if people just focused on my work. If you care about me, care about my work.”

When speaking on his creative process, Felipe points out that it’s very important to remember that working as a creative doesn’t automatically translate to a “bohemian”, free-spirited lifestyle. “I am very disciplined [with work]. You can be more spontaneous with ideas, but when it actually comes to making the work, it works like an office or a factory – we work from 9 am to 6 pm. It’s not a bohemian process.”

Describing the Hennessy Very Special bottle itself, Felipe has three simple words: “it’s dynamic, energetic and present.”

Kunmi Odueke
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