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At the SCHICK Magazine HQ, we are constantly raving about the “amazingness” of the show Dynasty by CW, if you don’t watch it, what are you even doing?

CW’s Dynasty is a reboot of an 80’s soap opera with the same title; it maintains the same storyline but has a thickened plot. There is no holding back to the opulence and appearance of characters seeing as they are all billionaires. The witty comebacks and constant drama between the characters, you would want to know what happens next with the dysfunctional family.

That being said, one of our favourite characters on the show is Jeff Colby played by Sam Adegoke our SCHICK Man. Jeff Colby, a self-made tech billionaire, speaks Yoruba sometimes and is most of all Blake Carrington’s rival.

Sam Adegoke is a Nigerian-American actor, born in Lagos and raised in the United States of America. He has appeared in a number of television shows and films such as NCIS, Switched at Birth, Murder in the First among others. He played the role of Javon Beard, Michael Jackson’s Bodyguard in the Lifetime T.V. film Michael Jackson: Searching for Neverland.

Sam has a very Afro-Centric style which is a similar characteristic to his Jeff Colby character; this is evident from the regular styling using Ankara prints occasionally.


We appreciate a stylish man who constantly exports his culture through his platform.