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Christmas has come and gone, but you are still in holiday mode with New Year’s around the corner. If you are not out there going from one concert to another, you are mostly being cosy at home and so we have taken time to compile a list of movies you can watch while you kick back and have a holiday filled with lazy days.


Wanting a wife that would love him despite his title, African Prince, Akeem, decides to go undercover as an international student in New York City to find himself a bride.


Matilda is not a movie about Christmas but it’s a family classic that follows the story of a gifted and curious young girl, Matilda, on how she deals with her very distinct parents, under covers the mystery of the relationship between her school principal and her class teacher and finds herself a more loving home. Enjoy Matilda’s wit and curious adventures with this family’s favourite.


The best man is centred on a group of friends but mainly focuses on the story of Harper Stewart, an author of an about to be released autobiography and also the best man to Lance, his best friend. The about to be released book would include a part where Harper had an affair with Lance’s Bride-to-be as a form of revenge; Lance gets his hands on the book and Harper wonders what would come from this revelation. 14 years later, the cast of this movie come together for a holiday special and this two-part story is certified binge-worthy.


Home Alone tells the story of an eight-year-old boy, Kevin, who accidentally was left at home by his family while they went for Christmas holiday in Paris. Kevin discovers his home is about to be raided by two burglars and so he improvises and creates booby traps to capture them.


Twins, Hallie Parker and Annie James, were separated at birth due to their parents’ divorce, not knowing about each other they are reunited at a summer camp. They decide to trade places at first to meet the parent they never had the chance to meet but ended up working towards reuniting their parents.