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It’s no secret that YouTube has the potential to launch careers. Thanks to increased accessibility to video cameras and editing software, making videos to post online has become something everyone can do — even kids. Children are now some of the most famous stars on the platform since kids love to watch their peers review toys, do science experiments, and go on adventures for entertainment. In most cases, YouTube channels that feature children are like a family business with kids getting production help from their parents. Some of them have become so wildly popular that they’ve made millions and appeared on shows like The View and Good Morning America. There are some of the most popular child YouTube stars below.

No. 1: The McClure Twins

Meet Ava and Alexis McClure, the beautiful 3-year-old daughters of Justin,from West Orange, New Jersey and a Nigerian woman, Aminat McClure whose have gone viral for their cuteness. The identical twins solidified their grip over the “most adorable and cute kid” tag when a video of them hugging, smiling and crying when they were told they were twins went viral and now the world can’t stop watching their adorable conversational videos on Youtube. Their video has already been seen more than 827,000 times on their Instagram account which is run by both their mom and dad and hit 150,000 views on YouTube.

No. 2: EvanTube

Evan’s channel is dedicated to playing with new toys, testing snacks, and other silly challenges. He’s 10 years old and has already appeared on shows like Good Morning America and The View. Plus, his channel has over two billion views. His dad is a filmmaker who spends his free time shooting and producing videos with his kids (Evan’s seven-year-old sister, Jillian, also joins in on the fun). The family has a few channels apart from Evan’s and a massive following.

No. 3: Zay Zay & Jojo

Up-and-coming comedian Kevin Fredericks knew exactly what he was doing when he set up his precocious and adorable son Isaiah (known as Zay Zay) on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Five-years-old at the time, he told his dad he wanted to be the world’s youngest comedian. Zay Zay, now 7, and his 5-year-old brother Jojo may be the tiniest stars in the AwesomenessTV galaxy, but their influence and audience are growing. The telegenic pair serves up no-holds-barred performances in their show, Crazy I Say, as well as their individual channels, complaining to the world that their parents make them eat salad (probably true) and lie about their ages for free food (maybe a fib). They bicker like siblings do and point out the shortcomings of their caretakers for the amusement of 38,000 subscribers and other viewers who have watched their videos more than 3 million times. Some have even compared them to Jaden and Willow Smith for their breakout star potential. Indeed, Zay Zay just landed his first film role, playing Buckwheat in The Little Rascals Save the Day, out this fall.

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