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Every time I open my Twitter app, I see posts from at least a few people on how their lifestyle will be forever changed after the Coronavirus pandemic is over. I’ve seen people write that they probably won’t be willing to go out as often anymore, others tweeting they’re definitely partying more. There are also people who, because they rediscovered the joy (and necessity) of cooking and have improved so much on it, say they’d much rather cook at home, going forward, than eat out. People have even said hugs, shakes and other once normal human interactions might become awkward. It begs the question: Is social distancing to become the new way of life?

I was in a meeting the other day when someone mentioned that the world definitely isn’t going to return to the way it was pre the COVID-19 era. For instance, in Wuhan, where the Coronavirus pandemic took off, due to the increased recovery, bars and restaurants are beginning to open, but their owners are concerned because customers aren’t even coming in.

The world is changing – every single day of this pandemic. People are working from home more comfortably, classes are being held online, weddings are happening on Zoom; what will happen next?

For one, I hope to go out more often because I didn’t use to. I love to cook but I miss eating out, so the plan is to visit as many restaurants as possible because I’m fairly tired of homecooked meals. I’m the opposite; when this is all over, I plan to do more, not less. But who knows? Maybe the changes in our lifestyle will last just for a little while, after which the world will revert to what and how it used to be – go, go, go. It’s only a matter of time before we know for sure just how this virus has changed our lives forever.

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