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For some people – fine, for me – packing is one of the worst parts of getting ready for a holiday. I wish I could grab one swimsuit, a bright kimono and a book, and just leg it down to the ocean. Who has the patience for deciding how many pairs of sandals is really overboard? But someone that knows more about packing and travel than most of us is international supermodel and SCHICK Magazine’s cover star, Maria Borges.

I would probably need an extra set of fingers to count how many countries she’s been too – and all in a year’s work, mind you. So, who better to share some essential tips than this savvy jet-setter? In a Refinery29 interview, our favourite girl spills the much-needed secrets on how to pack like a pro.

I always overpack bikinis, but honestly, I usually end up wearing the same one the entire trip.

Plan your outfits ahead of time

“I like to see what’s in, what’s trending right now, so I can always look stylish,” Maria tells Refinery29. “[I prefer to] play it safe and ensure that I have everything I need to pick the perfect outfit.”

Make one pieces your best friend

“My two must-pack items were these mini dresses from Jacquemus, because I love the ease and comfort of a one piece and how the short silhouette shows off my legs.”

You can never overpack swimwear, ladies and gents

“I always overpack bikinis, but honestly, I usually end up wearing the same one the entire trip,” Maria says. “My favorite swimsuit silhouette would have to be high waisted bikinis and one-pieces (preferably Brazilian-style). I like a very sexy, very beautiful bikini.”

If you don’t already do this, check in your bag

“I check a bunch of bags always. Honestly, if I could, I would bring my entire house with me. Summer clothes, winter clothes, everything.”

Lessons learnt; thanks Maria!