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Confidence is fundamental to building self esteem, developing self love and living a happy life. A lot of people go through life not believing in themselves and this has a great impact on their quality of life and level of success.

Finding confidence in one’s self isn’t a walk in the park however, self confidence can be learnt and developed. The major ingredients to developing self confidence is self belief and self love whilst the first step is self acceptance. We’ve put together the ultimate guide to developing and improving your self-confidence. We hope this guide helps anyone struggling with low self confidence;

Love yourself: No better feeling in the world that loving yourself and completely accepting yourself for who you are. Self love is accepting you are imperfectly perfect, not comparing yourself to others and not being too hard on yourself when you make mistakes. When you love yourself, you believe in yourself & you’re ready to take a chance on you!

Invest in yourself: You are your greatest investor, your biggest fan and your number 1 cheerleader! Invest time, money, effort and emotions into yourself. The more you invest in yourself, the better returns you get out of yourself. When you invest in yourself, others will see you are worth the investment and follow suit. Also, don’t be scared to be a little selfish with your investment you earned it!

Improve yourself: Self development is key to self love. See yourself as a project that continuously needs to be improved on. Master your skills, improve your craft and never stop upgrading yourself. When you continuously improve yourself, no one can make you feel less than you are worth.

Workout and stay fit: Strong body helps develop a strong mind.  Go for a run, jog or work out to keep your body & mind sound. Invest in your outer appearance as this would improve your self-esteem and self confidence. Likewise, eat healthy food to ensure your body gets all the nutrients it needs to flourish.

Care for your mental health: Prioritize your  mental health. Cutout anything that causes you depression, anxiety and worries. Make sure you avoid putting unnecessary pressure on and give yourself a break. Self care is paramount for your mental wellbeing and your self confidence.

Drink water and mind your business: This is key! Stay out of drama and BS. Keep your mind free of unnecessary complications. When you love yourself, invest in yourself, improve yourself and develop yourself, you would develop a higher level of self confidence.