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There are so many factors to consider when giving gifts to family or friends. In a year you have at least 25 people dear to you that deserve gifts on their special day and your thoughts range from “what to get” “I don’t want to spend so much” “I don’t want to spend so much but I want them to know I care” to “I need a standard gift that I can just get everyone”. Look no further, here is a list of gift ideas you don’t have to break the bank for and would still show you care. You can accompany them with hand-written notes to make them more personal.


Feeding a person is somewhere at the top of the list of “things that show you care”, it could be a tray of breakfast delivered to the celebrant’s home or lunch to their office.

Box of Cupcakes

Birthdays and celebrations are synonymous with cakes; with cupcakes, you could send a variety of flavours. You can accompany this box of treats with a cheesy note saying how the different flavours represent the flavours they bring to your life or something along those lines.


People find perfumes really thoughtful because of the efforts put into buying them, trying out scents and picking the perfect one. It is also seen as a luxury and it sometimes is one of the last things you would buy on a beauty list. Another thing is, the wearer definitely would have you on their minds every day they have it on.

Scented Candles

Scented Candles are top tier in the romantic gift section, they also come across as personal and intimate.

Gift Card(s)

This would come in handy when you are not sure of what to buy but you know what the celebrant likes. You can load a shopping voucher for the shopaholic, or load a Netflix card for the Netflix lover. There are a bunch of stores that have gift cards.

Basket of Nibbles

The point of gifts is to make the celebrant know you thought of them and are worthy of your attention. This will be very much appreciated by the sweet tooth celebrant, the box can include a variety of sweet treats and crisps; you can also add a handwritten note to make the gesture more personal.