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11 Jun


It’s that time of year again – Father’s Day is nigh. And the truth is you’re probably thinking at least one of these three things:

  1. Shoot; I didn’t even know it was Father’s Day soon!
  2. Does my dad even care about cards, gifts, etc?
  3. What the heck do I get a guy like him?

Whatever your stance, treating your dad like a rockstar on Father’s Day and getting him something he’ll treasure never gets old. (Plus: dads are really bitter about Mother’s Day getting much more hype. Yes, even when they pretend not to care.)

Have no fear; your gift guide is here:

The Social Dad: It’s both a present and an investment (hello, BBQs!). He’ll love this because it means quality time with family and friends – and nothing makes him tick more.

The Stylish Dad: A splash of his favourite type of scent and he’s ready to hit the town.

The Creative Dad: Help him get in the zone with a relaxing, wonderfully scented candle. Ahhh.

The DIY Dad: Give him the gift of organisation, this Father’s Day. He’ll be able to take things apart or put them back together with all the ease in the world.

The Workaholic Dad: Whether he’s working from home or at the office, he’ll have everything he needs to stay productive at arm’s length.

The Running Man Dad: Help him stay comfortable while he stays active, with a quality pair of trainers. After all, a fit dad is a fun dad.

The Literary Dad: He loves spending time with you… but he really can’t wait to get back to his beloved books (if we’re all being honest)! Hours of enjoyment await him, with a new good book.

The Foodie Dad: One word – brunch. Enjoy good grub over even better conversation, and you have a happy man on your hands.

The Fashionable Dad: A copy of SCHICK Mag is the gift that just keeps on giving! (*winks) He’ll get loads of style inspiration, enjoy premium content and stay up-to-speed on what’s happening on the African fashion scene. Score.

Kunmi Odueke
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