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It’s July, and the full Summer Feeling has kicked in. Whether you live in a part of world with only 15 days of sun (or at least, feels like it), or a hot-all-year-round region, you can’t help but feel excited about this time of year. It’s even more exciting when you have travel plans! 

Whether you’re taking a few days away from your desk and computer to take a fun road trip, or jet-setting off to another part of the world for six weeks, here are the travel essentials you should never leave the house without. 

Passport cover

You travel in style, so why shouldn’t your passport too?

Large cosmetic puch

Make it easy to find all your beauty products, by putting them in one place.

Tech case

Stow away your electronic accessories safely by investing in a chic case with multiple compartments.

Eye mask

Sleep like a baby while changing time zones (or crossing state lines) in a silk-satin eye mask.

Power bank

You know what’s worse than being stuck in a foreign country with zero battery life? Nothing. Nothing is worse. Never leave the power bank behind – yes, even with a full battery.

Document holder

Keep all your extra documentation safe from wear and tear in a cute travel document holder. Plus, it’s just cute – did we mention?

Wet wipes

Travel can leave you feeling grimy or dry after a few hours, so ensure you pack wet wipes, for your face, hands and anywhere else.

Pain killers

You never know when a headache will strike – they come at the most inconvenient times! Stay prepared with a bottle of painkillers in your bag.