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25 Jul


Ladies! It’s time to get in formation! We are calling all busy women working that 9-5 or juggling children to put that work in. Are you trying to get in shape but can’t seem to find time to hit the gym or run on that treadmill at home? Well, we’ve got you! Get sweating with these fitness hacks, and no it doesn’t require your presence at the gym, how great is that!

1.) Do some push-ups with your bed

Your bed is a much more useful workout tool, and not just for sleeping. Start your day right by using your bed to get some push-ups done.

2)Take a walk to work/a bus

You can skip the convenient drop-offs at work and put some walk into it. By taking a walk to work if it’s not such a far distance or shuffle between bus rides and walking. Just be sure to engage your calves.

3)Take a pace and deliver

Whether you’re answering your emails, replying a text or picking up a phone call, you’ll feel less tired and your brain will be more active if you stand and move around while answering friends and colleagues rather than on that rolling chair.

4)Burn the lunch

In between lunch breaks or during lunch break, take a walk around the office block. This goes both ways; it is for fitness and it allows you to take a breather from the congested working space.

5) Don’t skip the stairs

Dear females, the stairs are your friend. They work your butt and strengthen your legs. So skip the elevator for a flight trip.

6) Ab Alert!

Do isometric abdominal intervals, anytime, anywhere you stand or sit. Contract your abs 6 times slowly(6 seconds rep), then 6 times quickly(2-second rep), then six times super slowly( 10-second rep), and repeat!

7) Early to bed, early to rise

Living a healthy life is all about time management. So if you’re able to catch some sleep early enough, you’ll wake up early to squeeze in some workout before you leave for work.

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