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11 Jan


Tanzania is the revered promised land at the end of the Great Rift Valley; a colossal cut-out of East Africa that’s really not like anywhere else in the region. It ranges from the powder-sand beaches of glimmering white on the Zanzibar Archipelago to the cloud-beating, snow-topped summits of monstrous Mount Kilimanjaro in the north. It’s a place tailormade for the safari goer just as much as the SCUBA diver; a picturesque country that’s perfect for budding trekkers and explorers (did we mention that this one has Africa’s highest peak?), just as it is for culture buffs and history lovers. Let’s take a look at the chic guide to this beautiful destination

The Hotel: Diamonds Star of the East

Diamonds Star of the East is a magnificent luxury, private sanctuary made up of exclusive villas and a  plunge pool with a tastefully furnished terrace just 5 minutes from Nungwi beaches. Visitors enjoy a supreme view of the Indian Ocean and the famous Zanzibar sunset. With a personal butler service, a private beach, and unmatched all-inclusive services this luxury hotel accommodate the most discerning traveller with ultimate comfort, privacy and luxury.

The Restaurant: 305 Karafuu

Tucked away in the Swahili suburb of Kinodoni, this cosy, rustic bistro-style restaurant offers a mix of culinary dishes to satisfy every palate – with everything from grilled tuna, salad nicoise and lobster thermidor being served here. There’s also great music on offer, with everything from jazz and classics getting played. This creates a unique dining atmosphere that promises not to dissapoint.

The Museum: The National Museum of Tanzania

The National Museum and House of Culture, formerly known as the National Museum Dar es Salaam, is the largest museum in the country with collections and exhibitions covering the fields of Archaeology, Biology, Ethnography, History and Arts. It is a great place for children and young people to engage with and learn about local heritage and culture. Wander through the History Room and ethnographic collection for insights into Tanzania’s past and its mosaic of cultures, including the Shirazi civilisation of Kilwa, the Zanzibar slave trade, and the German and British colonial periods.

The Bar: High Spirit Lounge

High spirit is a Restaurant and Lounge Bar in the Heart of the city centre in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. It is situated on the top of the IT Plaza offering panoramic city and sea views and the endless ceiling of sky and stars. This high rooftop has a selection of three bars and a restaurant. Covering the entire roof of The IT Plaza, this 11th and 12th-floor open-air lounge creates an atmosphere of chic relaxation high above the bustling streets of Dar. Adorning a canopy and windscreen during the monsoon season, High Spirit offers a memorable experience at a new high.


The ‘Instagrammable‘ Spot: Stone Town

The Stone Town of Zanzibar is a fine example of the Swahili coastal trading towns of East Africa. It retains its urban fabric and townscape virtually intact and contains many fine buildings that reflect its particular culture, which has brought together and homogenized disparate elements of the cultures of Africa, the Arab region, India, and Europe over more than a millennium. This fascinating place is worthy of an Instagram post, after all, there’s really nothing that can live up to its immersive patchwork of Omani forts and arabesque houses, the richly-adorned House of Wonders (once trodden by sultans) and Persian hammams left over from the Arabs.


The Shop: Fahari Zanzibar

Fahari is a Social Enterprise making high-quality bags, jewellery and accessories on the island of Zanzibar, taking inspiration from the island’s cultural melting-pot of African, Arabian & Indian influences, borne out of years of trading across the Indian Ocean. All their products are handmade using local materials with expert workmanship, using skills gained from the free training the project has provided to disadvantaged local people over the years. By buying their pieces you will not only be receiving an exceptional, original product, but will also be supporting their members in building a sustainable future for themselves, their families and communities.

The Spa: Serengeti Spa | Four Seasons Safari Lodge Serengeti

After long days of air travel and hot, dusty game drives, you can go to the Serengeti Spa at the Four Seasons Safari Lodge Serengeti to rehydrate, restore and re-energize. Select from their menu of Serengeti-inspired skincare and massage treatments, tapping the benefits of local plants, minerals and healing rituals.

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