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5 Oct


There are times when all you need is a travel itinerary premade by an agency, but after one too many a touristy trip to the same old crowded hotspots, you start wondering about the places that you pass by. For those sick and tired of monotonous trips, here are ten exquisite places you can visit for a life-changing experience that is bound to inspire more adventures into the unknown!

1. Lagos


In addition to being a cultural hub of Nigeria, Lagos pairs the best of both worlds: one that delivers some of the dreamiest, crispy clear beaches you could possibly conjure up, and the other bringing you the authentic flavours of the region. If you’re up for some fun, fear not, the area is also home to a number of “instagrammable” spots, letting you pair relaxation with fun every day of your visit.

2. Cape Verde

Cape Verde

Another African jewel, this archipelago is located in the Atlantic Ocean, and all the islands in this group have something incredible to offer. For instance, the Sal is known for its honey-hued beaches that stretch for miles on end, as the island bathes in sun and the cool waves of the ocean. Despite its relatively modest reputation (since it’s not as famous as the many islands of the South Pacific, for instance), it has an international airport and an expanding cultural scene with a profoundly African feel.

3.  Belgrade

Often in the shade of the neighbouring European metropolises such as Budapest, Prague, and Vienna, this vibrant city is a true homage to the region’s history. As you roam around its many bustling streets, you’ll notice a mix of modern and old architecture within the same squares, numerous religious monuments, as well as the 19th-century fortress by the name of Kalemegdan in the very heart of the city. In addition to its versatile culture and rich history, you’ll also quickly discover that Belgrade is a foodie hotspot, known for its many local specialities for which many people flock to experience.

4.  San Marino

The Republic of San Marino, as well as its capital with the same name, may be small compared to other countries, but their spirit is anything but. It has safeguarded its independence since AD 301, making it the oldest existing republic in the world. The distinctly Italian architecture combined with the rugged coastline is simply breathtaking, while the delicious Mediterranean cuisine cradled in some of the most romantic little nooks will keep you busy for hours.

5.  New York

Literally riddled with life-changing experiences just waiting to happen, NYC is the dream-come-true for all urban lovers who enjoy a blend of all things exciting. From the vast selection of world-renowned museums you can visit to the most mysterious oasis such as the Lotus Garden cared for by the residents, there is something for everyone. As for those among you who crave a fun night out, the international food scene paired with the masters of mixology in NYC will ensure a palatable evening of delicious canapés and cocktails to remember.

6.  Rwanda

On an entirely different note, and far back in Africa, Rwanda is known as the bucket-list-perfect destination for people who truly wish to see and taste nature in its most untamed, intact form. Take it even further, and book a gorilla trekking adventure, and you will truly find yourself in pure awe of these majestic creatures in their natural habitat.

7.  Iceland’s Ring Road

Another gem for nature lovers, Iceland’s famous road-tripping destination known as Ring Road will take you to see fairytale-like spots, meet the stunning Aurora, be blinded by the sheer number of stars in the night sky, and feel humbled in the presence of their extraordinary waterfalls, glaciers, and rugged mountain ranges. Away from any hustle and noise, you’ll be able to discover the wonders of Mother Nature unlike anywhere else in the world.

8.  Bhutan

Known as one of the happiest of all places on our planet, this Buddhist kingdom preserves this beautiful culture despite all the changes that have altered the face of our planet. They cherish their forests, they care for the Himalayas, and they live very simple, fulfilled lives, in the true spirit of Buddhism. Their monasteries and shrines remain their most precious legacy, so make sure to visit as many as possible and take their memorable treks into the mountains.

9.  Barcelona

Their delicacies have traveled the globe, and it’s about time for you to visit the birthplace of some of the world’s most favorite dishes, including the famous paella. Barcelona may be a vibrant, modern city, but it retains its roots and prides itself on the artistic spirit that is easily detected all throughout the city, which is over 2000 years old. Enjoy Gaudi’s timeless artwork, the friendly local spirit, and of course, don’t miss out on Barcelona’s vibrant nightlife!

10.  Tokyo

This is where entropy goes on a vacation. In an orderly fashion. As the city that is famous for its sleepless streets, people constantly buzzing around, and its unique Japanese culture, Tokyo sure comes with a slew of surprising experiences. It will have you appreciate your own hectic life a tad more, realizing that crowds do get more crowded elsewhere, but also a bit puzzled by the way everything gets done in Japan. Tokyo lives and breathes like an entirely separate universe, one that will always give you more astounding ways to experience this exotic culture.

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