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9 Jun


Wherever you are: a tiny office, bedroom, living room or kitchen, you should feel at home and in charge of your environment. Gone are those days where your office space, living room or bedrooms are full of sappy pieces. Here are some simple decorating tips to spruce up your space.

1. Don’t sacrifice comfort

Yes. You might want the most classy, flashy couch in the showroom but your back may not! Be sure to always opt for furniture that’s comfortable but also makes “relaxation”… relaxing.

2. Choose a colour scheme and go with it.

Remember to always pick out a colour or colours that express your style and your personality. But don’t go crazy with the colours, stick to 2 or 3, no more.

3. Pick one piece of artwork to anchor the room.

Search for artwork with dimensions, colours and has a tip of something that is of grave importance to you. You could make the artwork the focal point of the room.

4. Add Fruit

Fruits aren’t just healthy snacks, they also add vibrant colours to the room. Create a centrepiece with fresh fruits to bring vibrancy to your kitchen.

5. Switch up the classics

Change your plain bathroom tiles to patterns, bold prints and bright colours or also hang photographs or artwork.

6. Keep bedroom fabrics simple.

According to Benjamin Noriega-Oritz, people should add patterns to their bedroom and not the fabrics.


7. Create an inviting foyer with mirrors.

Your foyer is the first place people see, we suggest you make it homely with a mirror and furnishings and maybe a chandelier if you want that bourgeoisie finishing.

8. Light up your world

Do not overlook lighting when decorating a room. A statement chandelier or lamp takes a design to the next level.

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