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These are the fashion films every fashionista should watch (if you haven’t yet) or re-watch to get that dose of chic inspiration for the coming week.

No. 1: The Devil Wears Prada

The clothes! The shoes! Gisele!

Meryl Streep excellently portrays an icy-cold version of Anna Wintour (Editor of Vogue), Anne Hathaway is the naïve girl who finally realises fashion is another world entirely, and Emily Blunt is the blunt assistant, whose character gives a lot of comic relief. The film gives a peek into the challenging world of fashion.

No. 2: Sex and the City

Yes, this series and its follow up films fall into ‘finding love and dealing with relationships’ category, but let’s not forget that while these four women struggled to find Mr. Right, they always did it looking flawless! (Oh, and did we mention New York City?)

Carrie Bradshaw, along with her big labels, had an enourmous impact on American pop culture. Sex and the City will continue to inspire new looks, long after its premiere.

No. 3: Coco Before Chanel

This French movie shows us the life of designer, Coco Chanel before her name became a fashion house. For any stylist or designer going through a dry spell and looking for a splash of inspiration, Coco Before Channel is a must-watch this weekend.

No. 4: Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Ever wondered how and why the Little Black Dress is everything today? We have the great and sophisticated Audrey Hepburn to thank for that! From the costumes, to just her makeup, this will be a favourite for most die-hard fashionistas.

No. 5: Confessions of a Shopaholic

Are you a label lover who will break the bank just to ‘invest’ in a new pair of Manolos? This film takes a comedic approach to the struggles of a shopaholic, and how looking good does not have to land you in the debt house.

No. 6: The Great Gatsby

This film won an Oscar for ‘Best Costume’ in 2014; so what better place to find some fresh 1920s inspiration on style, colour or just how to throw a great party?

No. 7: Funny Faces

One fashion photographer + one bookshop assistant turned model + Paris (need we say more?) = one hell of a fashionable funny film!

No. 8: The September Issue

When you are Anna Wintour, September is the holy grail of all months. This documentary takes a look everything that goes into preparing for the start of the fashion year, September.

No. 9: Zoolander

Zoolander pokes fun at the fashion industry and its stereotypes for male models. With lead character, Derek Zoolander and his ‘blue steel’ look, this film will definitely leave you in stitches, this weekend!

No. 10: Clueless

With plaid skirt and knee high socks interestingly making its way back, it would be wrong not to give credit to the originals: The cast of 1995 American coming-of-age film, Clueless, who do more shopping than actual studying – or anything else.

– By Olamide Ejidiran