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It’s never too late to work on your summer body. You have till late August to take that badass picture, rather than letting it get above you, you could follow these steps and you just might tension the world as planned!

CUT DOWN ON THE ALCOHOL This might be difficult as you might be trying to get your summer groove on, but you should know alcohol contains calories and they contribute a lot to gaining weight.

DRINK LOADS OF WATER The importance of water cannot be overemphasized; the human body is made up of 60% water. It is the most important nutrient in sports nutrition because the body is dependent on it for optimal health and fitness.

TRY GINGER AND LEMON TEA Did you know that Ginger is also known as the “flat stomach food”? Ginger is known to help with the Digestive system; it also helps to reduce water retention among a long list of benefits. Ginger tea is best made by grating some ginger into hot water, and you could squeeze some lemon in it for flavour.

GET ENOUGH REST Rest is as important as your diet and exercise; it is known that the muscles burn calories at rest than fat does. Sleep deprivation increases your appetite and we know food is the answer to an increased appetite, so there goes your summer body.

WATCH YOUR DIET Eat light and eat right! Weight loss does not say don’t eat, it just says watch the portion of your food intake, you can eat four times a day and lose weight, and you can eat twice a day and add weight. Count calories and eat in small portions.

EXERCISE!!! Exercise is important to maintain physical fitness and can be incorporated in your daily lifestyle, walking, dancing, running, swimming etc. It helps with blood circulation, relaxation and sleep quality.

Anytime you catch yourself slipping off, try to picture your best-looking self and all the damage you could cause in traffic *wink*