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There are tons of inspirational messages online about how to be productive and achieving your goals during the lockdown, but in all honesty, not everyone aspires to be an ounce productive, some people just want to live in the moment. The reality for each individual is different and in a city like Lagos, people have been forced to get that long deserved break they didn’t know they needed.

So, if you belong in the ‘much-deserved break’ category and you just need an activity to keep sane while relaxing, here are some indoor activities to try out to avoid boredom.

TAKE A WALK: Staying indoors all day could get really overwhelming and so, stepping outdoors to appreciate nature while doing a little exercise can reduce the pressure. When taking a walk this period, make sure you are far away from the next person and try not to touch avoidable areas to keep safe.

BINGE ON TV SHOWS: sourcing entertainment is never a bad idea and most times it helps you escape some realities for the time being. There are some incredible shows you could binge on from Netflix, and the great thing is, you could search based on your genre interest.

BREATHE: Do not forget to breathe! It is very essential to take some time of activities, relax mentally and physically, after all, that is what you were lacking before the lockdown. Make use of this period to rest because this will soon be over and the hustle and bustle would resume.

TRY BAKING: Cooking has been proven to be a therapeutic activity and there’s nothing more adventurous than exploring new recipes found online. Creating a delicious meal gives you more bragging right and if it turns out bad? It was worth the try and you definitely blew out some steam.

INDOOR EXERCISE: It is easy to fall into an unhealthy streak while doing nothing, you can go on YouTube to search for at least 5-7minutes workout videos to incorporate to your daily routine.

JOIN AN E-PARTY: If you enjoy going to the club or you just love music, various DJs and producers are bringing the party to you through the Instagram live feature, plugin by staying tuned to your Instagram for daily announcement on where the next party is happening!