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24 Jul


If Abuja were a lady, she would be 5ft 10, caramel in her skin, calm and confident. Her face radiates when she smiles. She would be determined, that determination that leads to success. Her cosmopolitan office located at one of its finest boulevard displaying lines of chain stores. Her centre table strewn with her latest magazines. Her diffuser exhaling sweet Arabian oud scent.

Behind her is a mannequin dressed in a cocktail dress embellished with beads. Fabrics laying around on the lilac sofa. Her table filled with illustrations, makers, tapes and a measurement book. Her look book cover of Ihsan staring at her wearing a monochrome blazer with matching knee-length pants looking sassy.

If Abuja were a lady, her apartment would be sophisticated. Her closest an array of shoes, bags, resort clothes, sports kits and a generous number of her collections. She would take solace in the kitchen because cooking is a form of therapy for her. Her cookbooks finely arranged on a wooden shelf.

She would play Asa, Solange and Nneka when she is in the mood. Style effortlessly pulled with a unique aura of her presence sensed. Her teeth braced up. She would go for her body pamper session, scrolling up and down reading SCHICK magazine, getting ready to go on her vacation which she does 4 times a year as a form of inspiration and away from insanity. This summer, she is doing Bali.

If Abuja were a lady, her five-city diva friends would make every outing feel like an instapost and envious, making their way into the society of creamy sophisticated people. Abuja, sitting crossed legged ordering Lobsters because they don’t do prawns. They would discuss their latest read in their book club.

If Abuja were a lady, she would throw a Grecian theme birthday party worth over a million. She would also unveil her lifestyle interior design named “Lifestyle with Tanisha.” Her guests would indulge in the fun set out. She would surprisingly get proposed by Port Harcourt. She would say “Yes”, return the ring the next day because her heart beats for Paris.

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Instagram: @@rayakande


Fatima Allahnanan Mohammed

My name is Fatima Allahnanan in my 20s. I wear Andrea Iyamah in the morning, Sisiano in the afternoon and LDA in the night. I am an accounting graduate and a certified fashion designer trying to find balance overall and one day leave the world better than I met it.

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