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7 Apr


Maybe it’s the fact that most of us have more time on our hands right now, or maybe it’s millenials’ obsession with the perfect cup of coffee. Whatever it is, there’s a new sheriff in town – the Dalgona Coffee.

Light, fluffy and frothy, not only does this caffeinated drink look delicious, it photographs beautifully too, which, as you know, is crucial to a generation who lives to share photos of… well everything. All these factors have led to the rapid rise in popularity of this new ‘It’ beverage. It’s even been tagged the recipe to try your hands at making this season, as part of the “Quarantine Coffee Challenge.”

So where do you start with the Dalgona? Easy – with some good coffee granules, a whisk (accompanied by a ton of patience) and some milk. YouTuber, 자도르J’adore, breaks it down in a far more detailed video, which has garnered nearly 9.4 million views (the highest, so far) since it was posted exactly a month ago. Who better to do the teaching?

Should you be in need of something extra special to have for breakfast tomorrow, look no further:

Images courtesy & @lovetwincitiescoffee

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Kunmi Odueke
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