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23 Apr


Healthy eating starts way before your food gets into your mouth; the truth is it starts on the cooker. It’s possible to adopt more nutritious methods of preparing you food and still end up with a satisfied stomach. A little less butter and a few handfuls of whole grains can make all the difference in your overall health, in the long run.

It’s all about tweaking little things here and there – and you can start with these smart tips:

Use smart fats

Not all fat is bad for you, as you might have heard. For instance, unsaturated fats such as olive oil are better for you than saturated fats like butter. Nonetheless, when cooking, it’s important to remember that moderate amounts (of all types of fat) will benefit your overall health.

Cut down on the meat

We live in a meat-loving world, but according to some research, just a little less in your pan could do you a lot of good. Although meat like beef and pork are a source of protein, they also contains saturated fats. Instead, opt for lean meat, poultry and fish, and complement with whole grains and lots of vegetables.


Ditch refined grains

Choosing whole unrefined grains over refined ones, such as brown rice and quinoa, isn’t just a health fad; there’s a good reason to eat more of them. Whole grains have lots more fibre, Vitamin B, zinc and other essential nutrients than their less healthy alternatives.

Watch out for salt

Even if you don’t have high blood pressure, it’s still important to monitor your sodium intake. The recommended amount of salt for an adult is about 1 teaspoon a day – or a bit less, if you’re a super savvy healthy cooker. So, keep that figure in mind when whipping up a quick stir fry or seasoning your meat.

Happy eating!

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Kunmi Odueke
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