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12 May


We’ve gone from having (literally) no time at all, to having all the time in the world. Closets have been decluttered, fridges have been cleaned out, pantries have been reorganised but how about your living space? We tend to spend a lot of our time at home in our living rooms, so it deserves a little TLC every now and again.

Get rid of the old look and bring in the new feel with these seven easy steps:

Get an indoor plant

Plants like Dracaena and the Peace Lily, to mention a few, are great indoor plants. They purify the air by removing toxins and also create a relaxed and happy ambience. Tucking the plant into a cute basket also gives it extra charm.

Wall design

It could be framed pictures, blockquotes, mirrors, art, raffia or even a shelf for books; whatever your taste is, decorate that blank wall space.

Reed diffuser

This gives your living room that constant, fresh fragrance. It’s equal amounts of relaxing and healthy.

Move the furniture

Now may or may not be the best time to change your furniture, but you can always adjust its position. This alone can help your living room feel like an entirely new space.

Throw in pillows

Throw pillows add an extra bit of warmth, comfort and texture to your furniture. Go for vibrant colours, big prints, bold patterns or simple designs to give the space an alluring feel.

Change your curtains

Curtains play a major part in how your living room looks. Use the wrong fabric or colours and everything looks bland. Instead, go for light fabrics and warm colours.

Introduce extra lighting

There is nothing more beautiful than a well-lit room. Adding more light to your living room gives can dramatically have an effect on the aesthetic. Opt for dimmers to set the right mood in your living (or any) room.

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Seyifunmi Oyetunji
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